Brain Calipers, 2nd Edition
$50.00 US
428 pages, hard-cover
ISBN (10) 1-894328-02-7; (13) 9781894328029
This latest edition provides a very comprehensive and enjoyable overview of the mental status exam (MSE). Each component of the MSE is covered in a separate chapter, along with sample questions, many clinical pearls, and an extensive set of references.

Mnemonics & More for Psychiatry
$25.00 US
274 pages, soft-cover
ISBN (10) 1-894328-XX-X; (13) 9781894328XXX
Our most popular text. Mnemonics and More for Psychiatry is the third edition of this introductory textbook. Provided here are memory aids (mnemonics) for diagnostic criteria, medication side effects, substance intoxication and withdrawal (and much more). In addition to the mnemonics, this book covers the basics of psychiatric assessments, case presentations, medicolegal issues, and types of treatment.

Disordered Disordered Personalities, 3rd Ed.
$50.00 US
428 pages, hard-cover
ISBN (10) 1-894328-09-4; (13) 9781894328098
A Primer that provides a comprehensive and entertaining introduction to the DSM-IV personality disorders. The information is presented in an organized and readable format, with humor integrated to make an effective and entertaining presentation. This book takes a unique approach by illustrating "textbook" concepts with examples that all readers will enjoy.

Field Guide to Personality Disorders
$25.00 US
212 pages, soft-cover
ISBN (10) 1-894328-10-8; (13) 9781894328104
Field Guide to Personality Disorders provides a practical, comprehensive and enjoyable introduction to the DSM-IV personality disorders. Diagnostic, theoretical and therapeutic principles are covered in the first two chapters, providing a basis for understanding character pathology.

$22.50 US
182 pages, soft-cover
ISBN (10) 0-9680324-5-1; (13) 9780968032459
Sigmundoscopy, Medical-Psychiatric Consultation Liaison, The Bases is the ultimate "how to" book for anyone involved in assessing psychiatric patients in medical-surgical settings. This book provides a road map for the practical issues involved in consultation psychiatry. In addition to this, key academic and theoretical principles are presented to give readers an understanding of the development of this intriguing subspecialty.

Three Spheres: A Psychiatric Interviewing Primer
$22.50 US
180 pages, soft-cover
ISBN (10) 0-9680324-9-4; (13) 9780968032497
Three Spheres: A Psychiatric Interviewing Primer provides an overview of each component of the assessment process. The interview is broken down in to separate chapters where sample questions are offered, points on technique are given, and detailed references are listed for further study.

Medicolegal Issues in Clinical Practice: A Primer for the Legally Challenged
$30.00 US
244 pages, hard-cover
ISBN (10) 1-894328-08-6; (13) 9781894328081
Medicolegal Issues in Clinical Practice is an essential reference for all medical practitioners. While the book focuses on U.S. law, the legal principles apply in many countries, as does the clinical wisdom provide by the author. This book was written by a physician for physicians, and clearly explains the legal principles governing medical care. This book is cheaper than a lawsuit, and a lot more fun!.

The "Explained" Series
$ 17.00 US (per title)
128 pages, soft-cover
The Explained Series is a compact, concise, and inexpensive set of books which have been distilled from our larger titles. Currently, we have explained books on Personality Disorders, Conducting Inpatient Psychiatric Consultations, Psychiatric Interviewing, Mental Status Examinations, and a version of the mnemonics book which contains only the memory aid (with none of the supplemental information) called Acrostics for Psychiatric Diagnostics.

Kick-in-the-Pants Therapy
$19.00 US
182 pages, soft-cover
ISBN (10)0-9680324-4-3; (13) 9781894328XXX
Kick-in-the-Pants Therapy is a collection of satirical articles and caricatures dealing with psychiatric and psychological issues. This book is the compilation of the first three years of a humor periodical called The Psycho-Illogical Bulletin (which is no longer in print). This book is an excellent resource of giving talks and livening up bulletin boards.