Medicolegal Issues in Clinical Practice: A Primer for the Legally ChallengedMedicolegal Issues in Clinical Practice: A Primer for the Legally Challenged

Medicolegal Issues in Clinical Practice is an overview of the many potential legal and ethical issues facing physicians today. Topics include medical negligence (with an easy-to-understand review of malpractice law), actions by licensing boards, effects of regulatory agencies, managed care, and some areas most clinicians wouldn't even think of. This book was written by an internist/psychiatrist for doctors, and does an excellent job of conveying the big picture of legal issues.

Author Deborah J. Wear-Finkle
$30.00 USD
244 pages, hard cover
ISBN (10) 1-894328-08-6; (13) 9781894328081

"Dr. Wear-Finkle has provided a most practical and essential guide for the legally perplexed clinician seeking to navigate between the Scylla of denial, and the Charybdis of paranoia amidst the ethical, regulatory, economic, and political currents changing the seascape of medical care in America. Every physician, at what ever level of training and experience, and whether in general medical or specialty practice, will want to have Dr. Wear-Finkle's work available to refer to on a daily basis. The medical community owes her a debt of gratitude for the insight she provides in this concise, but jam packed text complete with useful tips, tactics, and analysis. This book is expertly written and cleverly illustrated."

Harold J. Bursztajn. M.D.
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Psychiatry & the Law Program
Harvard University

An excerpt of this book is available online in PDF format. If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you may download this excerpt to review by following this link ( Medicolegal - 27 kb)