Disordered Personalities

Disordered Personalities

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"This is a unique new book on the basics of personality disorders that is presented in a humorous style. This primer is funny and well written and would be a useful teaching tool for trainees ... The book is filled with amusing illustrations, caricatures, and even media examples of the various personality traits, which is a good way to remember these disorders. Assessment: This is an excellent, humorous, and useful teaching tool intended for trainees. This is definitely a fun way to learn this material."

ISBN (10) 1-894328-09-4; (13) 9781894328098
Price $50.00 USD
430 pages, hard cover

Reviews from Doody's and the Canadian Family Physician

"Disordered Personalities is both informative and fun to read. It demonstrates that humor is useful in diagnosis, discussions with patients, and one's own awareness and self-care."
Alan D. Schmetzer, MD
Director of Education & Assistant Chairman
Department of Psychiatry
Indiana University School of Medicine

Disordered Personalities, Second Edition: Disordered Personalities, Second Edition provides a comprehensive, practical and entertaining overview of the DSM-IV personality disorders. The diagnostic, theoretical and therapeutic principles relevant to understanding character pathology are detailed in the introductory chapters. Following this, a separate chapter with up to twenty-five sections is devoted to each DSM-IV personality disorder. This edition has been extensively revised and includes over one-hundred pages of new material. Disordered Personalities is richly illustrated and contains many unique features that all readers will enjoy.

Features include:

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