Reel Psychiatry

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Reel Psychiatry is a compendium of movie examples of psychiatric conditions, with expert commentary on the accuracy of the portrayals. This text covers most of the conditions found in the DSM-IV-TR and is a suitable resource for patients, families, students, and instructors. There are introductory chapters detailing the diagnostic process in psychiatry, followed by an explanation of the disorder and diagnostic criteria in plain English before the movie examples are discussed.

$26.00 US
340 pages, soft-cover
ISBN (10 digit) 1-894328-07-8; (13 digit) 9781894328074

An excerpt of this book is will soon be available online in PDF format. If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you may download this excerpt to review by following this link (Reel_Psychiatry.pdf - xxx kb)